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A bit more details

  • What it is
    It is a great tool for visualizing goals. It helps you formulate goals, focus on what really matters, and feel the image of your dreams. It is important to understand your true desires in order to move forward.
  • How to do it right
    There are several rules to follow:
    - It is necessary to fill in a mood board on certain days (Chinese New Year, the period of the young moon, birthday), in a good mood, in a certain sequence.
    - It is better to make a map alone with your desires. Without helpers.
    - It is important to get in the right mood - use your favorite perfume, lotion, candles, and music to create a pleasant atmosphere. You can meditate or pray.
    - You can't leave sectors empty. It is important not to jump to the next square until the previous one is not finished yet.
    - Each sector should have the same amount of images;
    - The images must evoke pleasant associations;
    - If there are words in each sector, this will speed up the process. To enhance the effect, make inscriptions, motivational slogans, affirmations.
  • How to use it?
    The mood board should be "alive". We should remove what has already come true. Our dreams "grow up" with us. A new goal should be added to the empty space.
    You should regularly look at your mood board and visualize in the smallest detail as if you already have it, imagine that what you want has already been received.
    This is an important rule to follow.
    If you see your desires every day, feel the thrill of knowing that they are about to come true, over time a strong connection with those desires emerges. You begin to behave differently. The more often you look, the stronger the connection, the more your behavior changes, the faster you reach your desires. Treat the mood board as a daily habit that makes you a better person.
    Don't get hung up and don't limit your wish fulfillment to hard deadlines. And most importantly, act! Everything will happen when the Universe knows that you are exactly ready and deserve its gifts.

  • How to make wishes
    Every desire should be:
    - Yours. Not imposed by society.
    - Specific. The universe needs to understand the question.
    - Formulated in a positive way. When making a wish, try to avoid the word "no" and "not". Instead of "not to get sick," it is better to say "to be healthy.
    - Ecological - it is impossible to wish bad things for other people.
    - Without specific deadlines, dates or persons, so as not to narrow down the possibilities of the universe.
    - Aimed at the future, not at fixing the past.

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